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Nantong Rongdu Thread Co., Ltd.
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Heavy Duty Filament Sewing Thread
Heavy duty filament sewing thread will not fray, unravel or break when sewing at high speeds that results in stitching evenly and smoothly, even while quilting several thick layers of fabric together. Therefore, the thread manage to handle all hard tasks for tough fabric.
Heavy Duty Bonded Thread
Bonding refers to the process of coating a thread in a resin placed on the thread to add strength and heat tolerance to prevent knots, snapping, and tangles when densely sewing at high speeds. Therefore bonded thread is stronger than regular thread and the best option for tough material.
Heavy Duty Embroidery Thread
Our embroidery thread refers to machine embroidery thread made from polyester filament. As the most popular go-to thread choice for embroidery, the thread has outstanding strength and durability to perform densely at multi-direction or through multi-layers without any damage, plus color fastness and gorgeous luster.
PLA Yarn And Thread
Polylactic acid (PLA) is a biopolymer material produced through the fermentation of biomass sources like corn, beets, sugarcane, and straw cellulose, resulting in the polymerization of small molecules of lactic acid. The fibers made from PLA raw materials using spinning techniques are a novel and eco-friendly type of fiber.
The Many Strong Thread Applications We Offer

By virtue of unique advantage of the threads, our products work great for weaving, sewing and quilting at many fields including footwear, leather goods, luggage and bag, furniture upholstery, mattress, sports equipment, denim and jeans, automobile, canvas, tent, wire and cable applications, filtration and more, as evidenced by our featured products like heavy thread for sewing leather and heavy duty thread for outdoor furniture.

The PLA Yarn and Thread Applications We Offer

Our PLA fiber can be used for medical applications,  disposable hygiene products and fabric.

Nantong Rongdu Thread Co., Ltd.
Your Trusted Partner in Thread

Rongdu is a professional manufacturer of heavy duty threads including sewing thread, bonded thread and embroidery thread. We carry plenty of thread supplies with popular sizes and vivid colors used in a wide array of applications.

Rongdu is also specialized in manufacturing Polylactic Acid (PLA) yarn and thread. PLA fibers  deriving from agricultural products are environmentally friendly, green, and functional biobased textile materials. possess excellent skin-friendliness, moisture-wicking, and antibacterial properties, making them ideal for use in underwear, sportswear, baby clothing, and disposable hygiene products. Additionally, PLA fibers exhibit biocompatibility, making them widely utilized in the medical field for applications such as medical sutures, surgical gowns, and gauze.

Strict Quality Control

Quality is our top priority. To ensure the finest quality, we put into production high-end equipment, procure high-grade raw materials, apply advanced manufacturing technology, have three testers conducting quality testing for every batch products.

Sufficient Supply with Various Sizes

Tens of millions of inventory and vast selection of sizes guarantee timing delivery of the most suitable filament thread for sewing. Moreover, OEM and ODM are also accepted.  

Direct Manufacturer

For every product on this site, Rongdu has own equipments and plants to process filament to the threads, which cuts out the middle man and get your money's worth.    

Superior Customer Support

We emphasize the importance of after-sale assistance.  Our conscientious and knowledgeable staff are commited to provide effective solutions to any after-sale problem.   

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