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Footwear Sewing Thread

In our daily life, footwear is our indispensable companion. It must withstand all kinds of weather and heavy load of walking. Thread is considered to be one of the most important components of footwear. Rongdu provides high quality heavy duty thread for producing durable footwear including upper stitching, back and toe cap stitching, sole-stitching and so on. Our threads are also designed to endure aggressive sewing processes, enhance the ‘sewn in’ appearance and keep a neat seam appearance throughout the life of footwear.

What Thread To Use For Footwear


Heavy duty polyester thread offers an excellent balance of high strength and affordability, which is the most cost-effective thread for ordinary formal and casual footwear. For seam appearance, the continuous filament polyester thread is quality enough to construct decorative seam with consistent stitch formation and neat seam appearance.


Compared to heavy duty polyester thread, heavy duty nylon sewing thread has higher strength and slightly higher elongation property, which is more suitable for ordinary sports footwear.


For superior shoes of high end brands, tex 45 bonded nylon thread and tex 90 bonded polyester thread are preferred. These threads have higher tensile strength, carry firmer stitch and produce better seam appearance. They are able to meet any function, design and fashion requirements.