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Tex 90

TEX 90 refers to the thickness or weight classification of heavy duty thread, specifically for sewing polyester thread. It is a measurement of the thread's linear density, indicating how many grams one kilometer of the thread weighs. TEX is the metric system unit of measurement for thread size.

TEX 90 polyester thread is considered a medium-weight thread. It is thicker and heavier than finer threads like TEX 50 or TEX 60, but not as heavy as TEX 120 or TEX 150, which are classified as heavy-duty threads.

TEX 90 polyester thread is commonly used for a variety of sewing applications, including garment construction, upholstery, quilting, and general-purpose sewing projects. It offers a balance between strength and versatility, making it suitable for sewing different fabric types and achieving secure seams.

Tex 90 Bonded Polyester Thread Advantages

Resistance to UV Rays and Moisture: Tex 90 bonded polyester thread has inherent resistance to UV rays, making it suitable for outdoor applications where prolonged exposure to sunlight is expected. Additionally, it is highly resistant to moisture and mildew, making it an excellent choice for sewing items that may be exposed to water, such as outdoor furniture or marine upholstery.

Minimal Stretch: TEX 90 bonded polyester thread has minimal stretch properties compared to other strongest type of sewing threads. This characteristic helps maintain the integrity of the stitches over time, preventing them from loosening or breaking under stress or tension. The minimal stretch also ensures that the sewn seams stay secure and maintain their shape, even in demanding applications.

Colorfastness: TEX 90 bonded polyester thread is often highly colorfast, meaning it resists fading or bleeding of colors when exposed to light or washing. This is especially important for sewing projects where color retention is crucial, such as outdoor or sports equipment, upholstery, and items subjected to frequent cleaning.

Versatility: TEX 90 bonded polyester thread is versatile and suitable for a wide range of sewing applications. It can be used for both hand sewing and machine sewing, making it adaptable to different sewing techniques and projects. Whether it's sewing garments, home decor items, automotive upholstery, or heavy-duty fabrications, bonded polyester thread provides strength and reliability.

Smooth and Consistent Sewing: The bonding process gives the polyester thread a smoother texture and more uniform appearance, which facilitates easier sewing. The smoothness allows the thread to glide through fabrics smoothly, reducing friction and tangling during the stitching process. This results in neater, more consistent stitches and a more professional finish.

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