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Can Tex 45 bonded nylon thread be used with home sewing machines?

Yes, Tex 45 bonded nylon thread can be used with both industrial and home sewing machines. However, it is important to ensure that the needle and machine settings are appropriate for the thread and fabric being sewn.

What's the main differences between Nylon and poleyster Thread?

The difference between nylon and polyester thread is as follows:

Firstly, Heavy duty nylon thread is stretched while polyester thread only accommodates a small amount of "give" with recovery.

Secondly, Nylon thread fails at prolonged outdoor use while polyester one is inherently able to resist UV rays.

Thirdly, Nylon thread is stronger and lighter, but polyester one can resist water, withstand more heat, and be more easily colored.

What is bonded thread?

'Bonded' refers to the resin bonding agent found in the produce of threads which helps reduce friction, add strength and heat tolerancein in sewing.

What Is Industrial Thread?

When it comes to the industrial scale, the demand is growing at strength and efficiency. 

There are several factors making up industrial thread. For material types, Nylon and polyester generally to have good abrasion resistance, and in turn, good strength.

For yarn properties, a filament thread made from continuous filaments gives more strength than shorter yarns because they are harder to remove from the thread. For thread twists, an optimum amount of twists in a thread results in good strength. Threads with low twists are not held tightly, which lets the threads gradually ravel and abrade under pressure. 

The strong threads with immense durability keep machines operating at high speeds without the risk of fraying or breaking. It means the long-lasting operation meets high production demands daily, which is efficiency.

What are your payment terms?

We usually accept TT with 30% of contract amount as down payment. The balance shall be remitted upon receipt of scanned original documents.

Can I return defective products?

Yes and the return fee is on us. But there is an exception that the problem arises after the delivery of the items to the carrier, The risk of loss and title for products pass to you upon the delivery of the products to the carrier pursuant to our standard terms of sale.

What is Tex 45 bonded nylon thread?

Tex 45 bonded nylon thread is a high-quality sewing thread that is made by twisting together multiple strands of nylon fiber and then coating them with a bonding agent. This process creates a thread that is stronger, more durable, and less likely to break or fray than regular sewing thread.

What types of products can be sewn with Tex 45 polyester thread?

Tex 45 polyester thread can be used to sew a wide range of products, including bags, luggage, outdoor gear, upholstery, and heavy-duty clothing such as jeans and workwear. This thread is ideal for any application that requires a strong and long-lasting seam.

Is Tex 45 bonded nylon thread available in different colors?

Yes, Tex 45 bonded nylon thread is available in a range of colors, making it easy to find a thread that matches the color of the fabric being sewn. This thread can be used for decorative stitching as well as functional sewing.