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Luggage And Bag Sewing Thread

Suitcases and travel bags are mainly constructed of thick and hard-wearing fabrics. Therefore the threads incorporated into them must hold up to physical demands of constant packing, loading, and shuffling from place to place. It’s also important to consider UV and water resistance properties while choosing heavy duty sewing thread to make suitcases and travel bags that always exposed to UV and may encounter humid weather or even rains. Rongdu offers high quality filament thread for sewing that can withstand the friction, forces and even challenging weather conditions.

What Thread To Use For Luggage And Bag


Heavy duty polyester thread and bonded polyester thread like the tex 90 bonded polyester thread are recommended for suitcases and travel bags. The later is often used for superior brands since bonded thread has higher  strength, produces firmer stitch and endures more challenging environment.   


Polyester thread is hardly pilled, which means under no circumstance the thread frays at its edges and reduces the strength of the seams where the fabric is joined together. This is important because, in most bags, a seam will rip before the fabric does.


Moreover, polyester thread is receptive to color dyes. Polyester maintains color without fading when exposed to the UV rays. 


Finally, polyester repels water to some extent, which means a polyester bag won’t easily get heavier or stretch when exposed to moisture. A polyester bag will also dry fast because it absorbs no water.