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Explanatory Brochure on Bonded Polyester Threads

Why is It Called "Bonded"?

The term "bonded" refers to the unique structure of polyester threads with a protective coating. This coating not only withstands the abrasion, needle friction, and heat generated by high-speed sewing, but also ensures thread integrity and prevents breakage. It is important to note that the color of this bonded polyester thread may look slightly darker on the thread, but will become brighter when sewn into the fabric.

Bonded Polyester Thread Buying Guide

Bonded polyester threads have much in common with nylon threads in terms of look, feel, and sewing performance. To the untrained eye, it is difficult to distinguish between the two threads based on visual cues alone. In addition, their technical specifications such as strength and tensile strength are quite similar. What does that mean? It simply means that polyester can be used in a variety of applications as effectively as nylon. These applications include upholstery, leather goods, automotive parts, banners and flags, sports equipment, dog collars, fishing lures, and briefcases, to name a few. Generally, bonded polyester threads are also known as polyester filaments or industrial polyester filaments.

There are several key factors to consider when purchasing bonded polyester thread. First, make sure you choose the right thread weight and diameter for your project's needs. Next, consider the strength and durability of the thread to ensure that it can withstand the environment of your application. Finally, choose a reliable supplier to ensure you are purchasing a quality product that is dependable, and consider the price and package size to ensure it fits your budget and usage needs.

We Offer High Quality Bonded Polyester Thread

Bonded polyester thread, also known as bonded polyester fiber. As already mentioned, it looks, feels, and sews very similar to bonded nylon thread, but there is one big difference between the two. This bonded sewing thread is known for its high strength qualities and excellent UV resistance. Bonded polyester threads offer better UV and mold resistance than bonded nylon threads. Why? This is actually an inherent quality of polyester fibers. In addition, the special resin coating gives the thread a bonded structure that helps smooth out seams and reduces friction at the needle, allowing the user to sew at a higher stitches-per-minute rate with no thread breaks. We prefer to use bonded polyester thread for sewing exposed to prolonged sunlight, like a boat cover, outdoor furniture, or awning, is exposed to UV and sunlight.

Nantong Rongdu Thread Co., Ltd.'s bonded polyester thread is widely recognized in the industry for its unique properties. The bonded polyester thread has excellent strength and toughness to withstand high intensity stretch and friction, which can ensure consistent performance in a variety of industrial sewing applications. The unique bonding process makes the polyester filament sewing thread more uniform and smooth, reduces loose threads and thread breakage, and improves sewing efficiency and quality. In addition, the bonded polyester thread from Nantong Rongdu Thread has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, maintaining stable performance even in harsh working environments. Its bright colors and high gloss not only improve the aesthetics of the products, but also increase the added value of the products. All in all, the bonded polyester thread from Nantong Rongdu Thread is a reliable and high quality product in the field of industrial sewing.