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Introduction of Rayon and Polyester Embroidery Thread

With the acceleration of the market diversification process, the demand for embroidery thread is getting higher and higher, and the demand group has also changed. There are more and more types of embroidery thread. Innovators in illegal industries have begun to innovate products, and the "technology" has become more sophisticated.

In order to maintain market share, many manufacturers began to spend a lot of energy on the production process.

But over time, these rayon or polyester embroidery threads have many disadvantages:

1. It cannot meet the needs of aesthetics and embroidery functions, giving people a sense of restraint in color, and also detrimental to the image of the product;

2. The quality is uneven, the wire breakage rate is high or the color fastness is low, and there is no sense of quality at all;

3. The phenomenon of cutting corners is serious;

4. The production efficiency cannot be improved at the critical moment.

Traditional embroidery thread products can no longer meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, new embroidery thread products with high color fastness, low thread breakage rate and small color difference emerge as the times require.

Below we will introduce the types of embroidery threads that are currently in circulation in the market: rayon embroidery threads and polyester embroidery threads.

1. Rayon embroidery thread

Rayon embroidery thread is made by twisting a single yarn. There are about 40 colors and thousands of colors to choose from. Common specifications are 120D/2 computerized embroidery thread. When rayon embroidery thread is embroidered on a rougher base fabric You should pay attention to the use of ply-stitched embroidery, otherwise the embroidered pattern is easy to foam and expose the bottom cloth, which is not smooth. Widely used in crafts, fashion, embroidery, gift packaging and other industries.

2. Polyester embroidery thread

Polyester embroidery heavy duty thread is made up of 2 yarns or multiple yarns twisted together, with fewer colors, and each color has 3 to 5 color levels. Because polyester heavy duty embroidery thread is cheap, it is currently used in China. The quantity is greatly increased, and it is suitable for embroidery on hemp base cloth and flannel base cloth.

The characteristics of polyester embroidery thread are that it can withstand chemical substances and frequently wash clothes to reduce fading and discoloration of clothes. Therefore, many hotel uniforms, jeans, sportswear or some children's clothing will be made of polyester embroidery thread.

China is the fastest growing country in the global embroidery thread industry and the country with the largest demand for embroidery thread in the world. The annual sales volume of China's embroidery thread market reaches tens of trillions of meters, and the growth momentum is steadily rising. The rapid development of the embroidery industry has also driven the rapid development of the embroidery industry.

According to statistics, in China's embroidery thread market, polyester embroidery thread accounts for the largest proportion of 55%, followed by rayon embroidery thread accounting for 35%, nylon embroidery thread also has a 6% share, and other material products account for the remaining 4%. From this, it is inferred that China's polyester embroidery thread has a huge market and broad development space.