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Is Nylon the Same as Polyester?


Polyseter is the Chinese name for synthetic fiber nylon, commonly known as "nylon", and the scientific name is polyamide fiber, which is a type of polyamide fiber. Because the Jinzhou Chemical Fiber Factory was the first factory in China to synthesize polyamide fiber, it was named "polyester". If you think that polyester is the same as nylon, let's take a look at the difference between polyester and nylon.


Nylon, also known as polyester, is a type of polyamide fiber. Nylon is one way to say polyamide fiber (nylon), which can be made into long fibers or short fibers. Nylon is a commodity name for polyamide fiber, also known as nylon. The English name is Polyamide (short for PA), and its basic composition substance is a fatty polyamide connected by a amide bond - [NHCO]. 

Difference between nylon and polyester

Polyester: It refers to polyamide fibers, which are a type of synthetic fibers linked by amide bonds. The commodity names of different countries are different. China calls it "nylon", the United States calls it "nylon", Russia calls it "capron", Germany calls it "berin", and Japan calls it "aramid" and so on. Both are the same substance, but different countries have different names, so there is a difference between nylon and polyester.

Polyster and nylon are both abbreviations of polyamide fibers, and there is no special difference, just different names. However, polyester 6 (nylon 6) and polyester 66 (nylon 66)<BR>are different in chemical synthesis and properties. Polyester 6 is polymerized from caprolactam, while polyester 66 is polymerized from hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid. Moreover, there are quite big difference between the thick nylon thread and continuous filament polyester thread.