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What Are the Classifications of Fibers Used to Manufacture Polyester Thread for Leather?

What is polyester thread for leather?

Polyester thread leather refers to fine yarn spun by stretching and twisting polyester fibers as raw materials. Polyester fiber is a type of fiber made by polymer spinning, most of which are produced using ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid as raw materials. Polyester thread is the quite suitable type of thread for sewing leather for sure!

Fibers used in making polyester thread for leather

The fibers used in making polyester thick thread for leather are mainly chemical fibers, which are fibers processed chemically. They can be divided into regenerated fibers and synthetic fibers.

Regenerated fibers mainly refer to materials containing natural or protein fibers, such as fibers made from wood, cane, soybean, etc. through chemical processing. The main regenerated fibers used in textile are viscose fibers, acetate fibers, and cuprammonium fibers. Regenerated cellulose fibers, regenerated protein fibers, regenerated starch fibers, regenerated synthetic fibers, etc. are also regenerated fibers.

Synthetic fibers come from substances that do not contain natural cellulose or protein, such as petroleum, coal, natural gas, limestone, etc. The relevant substances are extracted and synthesized into monomers, which are then chemically synthesized and mechanically processed into fibers.

In conclusion, the above is the category of fibers used to make polyester thread for leather. Did you learn something new?