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What Principles Should Be Followed When Choosing High-Strength Sewing Thread?

High-strength sewing thread matches the characteristics of the fabric

Only when the sewing thread is the same or similar to the raw material of the fabric, can the consistency of its shrinkage, heat resistance, wear resistance, durability, and other performance be guaranteed, and the wrinkling between the thread and the fabric caused by differences can be avoided.

High-strength sewing thread matches the type of sewing products

For products with special purposes, special functional filament thread for sewing should be considered, such as heat-resistant, flame-retardant, and waterproof-treated sewing threads for fire-fighting products.

High-strength sewing thread matches the strength requirements of sewing products

The strength of the thread should be determined according to the use scenario of the sewing product, such as the strength of the bag sewing thread is much higher than that for leather wallets. In addition, high-end products can choose higher quality Bondi sewing thread, while medium and low-end products can use non-Bondi sewing thread.

General heavy thread for sewing leather has label with information such as grade, raw material, and yarn density, which helps us to choose and use sewing threads properly.

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