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How to Choose the Specification of Sewing Thread?

Sewing thread is the thread needed for knitted clothing products. In the early days, it mainly lies in practicality. In the development of times, it also plays a great role in decoration. There are many kinds of sewing thread, such as high strength nylon thread, Teduolong thread, PP pure polyester thread, Bondi thread, polyester leather sewing thread, Mark thread and polyester cored thread. How should we choose the specification of sewing thread? We have prepared the model and specification of sewing thread for your reference:

Model and specification of sewing thread

1. Nylon thread (Nylon 6, Nylon 6.6)

Nylon line also called nylon line, pearLEScent line, is made of continuous filament nylon fiber twist, smooth, soft, elongation rate of 20%- 35%, better elasticity, burning white smoke. High wear resistance, good light resistance, mildew resistance, color about 100 degrees, low temperature dyeing. It is widely used because of its high strength, durability and flat seam, which can meet the needs of a wide range of different sewing industrial products.

Here are the general physical properties:

Line No. Model Average strength (KG)

40 # 210 d / 1 x2 2.3

30 # 210 d / 1 x3 3.5

20 # 210 d / 4.8 4

10 # 210 d / 2 x3 7.0

5 # 210 d / 3 x3 10.0

0 # 210 d / 4 x3 14.0

2. Tedorong Line

Teduolong thread: also known as high strength sewing thread and polyester thread, it is made of continuous polyester high-strength and low elongation thread. It can withstand temperature of 130 degrees, has high tension, low elongation and no elasticity. However, poor wear resistance, harder than nylon thread, burning black smoke, 130 degrees high temperature dyeing. Smooth, no more joints, good color fastness, in line with the international environmental requirements of sewing thread.

Its common specifications and models are:

Line No. Model Average strength (KG)

60 # 150 d / 1 x3 2.4

40 # 210 d / 1 x2 2.4

30 # 210 d / 1 x3 3.6

20 # 210 d / 1 x4 4.5

10 # 210 d / 2 x3 6.0

5 # 210 d / 3 x3 9.0

0 # 210 d / 4 x3 11.0

There are some other coarse specifications: 15 shares, 18 shares, 21 shares, 24 shares, 30 shares, etc.

3. PP pure polyester line

PP pure polyester line, also known as SP line, PP line, is also made of high strength and low extension of polyester raw material production, surface hair, temperature resistance of 130 degrees, high temperature dyeing. Polyester material is the most resistant to friction, dry cleaning, stone washing, bleaching and other detergents of all materials, its low elongation and low expansion rate, to ensure excellent sewability, and can prevent wrinkles and jumping needle.

Common models are:

20S/2, 20S/3, 20S/4, 30S/3, 30S/2, 40S/2, 40S/3, 50S/2, 50S/3, 60S/2, 60S/3.

4. The Bundy Line

Bundy thread has Nylon 6 and Nylon 6.6 materials. It is made of continuous filament thread of nylon twisted and then bonded to bond all strands of yarn together. Even if it is cut with scissors, it will never slip. With high efficiency lubrication, it can be used for daily heavy sewing processes, such as leather, canvas products or sports shoes.

Elongation 20-28%, good wear resistance, not easy to break line, smooth surface like ribbon.

Common models: