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What Are The Main Types Of Polyester Thread?

Corespun polyester is a strong, versatile material used in a number of applications. It’s comprised of 100% polyester fibers that are spun together to create a continuous filament polyester thread that has excellent elasticity, allowing it to stretch and return to its original state. Corespun polyester is available in a variety of colors and sizes so you can find what you need quickly.

Filament polyester is a type of polyester fibre that is used in various types of clothing. A lot of sports wear, underwear and even t-shirts are made with this material. Its properties include high stretch as well as absorbency and breathability. The material also performs well in hot weather conditions.

Trilobal polyester is a synthetic fabric made of 73% polyester, 27% nylon. Its folding property is more than twice as good as polyester and nylon woven fabrics of the same weight. Trilobal polyester has better colour fastness and durability than blended fabrics, as well as good drapeability and comfort in use.

Spun polyester threads are a type of continuous filament yarn, where the filaments are drawn out into thin strands, then twisted together to form the yarn. This is an inexpensive way to make a strong heavy duty thread. Examples include T-shirt cloth and toweling fabric.

Bonded polyester fabric is made of polyester fibers bonded together by heat, chemicals or UV rays. It is often used in outdoor upholstery and decorative pillows because it resists water and mildew better than conventional polyester.