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What Do You Use Polyester Thread For?

Polyester thread is most commonly used for stitching in the couture industry. In sewing, it can be used for bobbin threads on a machine, and for topstitching. Polyester thread is a low-cost alternative to silk thread but has a much lower tensile strength.

Can I Use Polyester Thread On Cotton Fabric?

The continuous filament polyester thread is ideal for sewing on cotton fabric and blends. It's stronger than cotton, so it can be used in place of nylon thread when working on knits or non-stretch fabrics. It also has a low melting point, so it's easy to remove from a machine when you're done sewing.

Using Polyester Thread For Quilting

A good quality polyester thread is the perfect choice for quilting. The stability, memory and durability make it a long-lasting heavy duty thread that will help you sew through hard to reach areas of your project like corners and around buttons. It can also stand up to being washed in hot water, so if you tend to use some of your creations as rags or cleaning cloths after they're done being beautiful, regular polyester will handle that just fine!

Polyester Thread For Outdoor Use

Heavy duty outdoor sewing thread of polyester is a strong, outdoor-use thread made with 100% polyester fiber. Polyester has good abrasion resistance and high tear strength, making it the ideal choice for outdoor garments. It is easy to use, smooth and even in handling, and will not bleed when subjected to heat or cold. Specifically developed for apparel and outerwear applications such as seam sealing, cording and lacing, welt construction and stitchery, polyester thread is available in over 300 vibrant colors.