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Characteristics of Different Polyester Filament Threads

The characteristics of polyester filament thread are that it has a high oil content, generally between 4%-6%, and is treated with silicone wax, which helps to improve its sewability; it has high strength, 50% higher than polyester short fiber thread; the elongation rate of thick white thread polyester filament is less than 13%, and that of dyed polyester filament is less than 21%.

Continuous filament polyester thread can meet the sewing requirements of leather products and woolen clothing.

Due to fewer joints in large packaging, it can improve sewing efficiency. It is mostly packaged in quantities of 10,000-50,000 meters, with no more than 1.2 joints per 10,000 meters. It is often wound on cone-shaped tubes to prevent the filaments from slipping off. The twist ratio of the initial and final twist is generally between 1.2-1.6. The twist direction is consistent to avoid breaking during sewing. This type of sewing thread has good appearance gloss and color fastness, similar to silk thread.

Polyester filament thread elastic sewing thread

Currently, elastic fabrics such as knitwear, sportswear, bodybuilding pants, women's underwear, and tight-fitting clothes are popular in the clothing industry. However, their sewing threads must have matching elastic stretch. Modified polyester filament elastic sewing thread developed in China has a recovery rate of over 90%, and elongation rates of more than 15% and 30%, which can be used for sewing elastic materials.

Polyester short fiber sewing thread

There are currently two types of polyester short fiber sewing threads on the market. One is made by spinning polyester filament thread after cutting, and the other is made by spinning polyester short fibers. The former is better than ordinary polyester short fiber thread in terms of performance.

Because polyester fibers have the advantages of good wear resistance, high strength, low shrinkage, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, and moth resistance, polyester short fiber sewing thread is the main thread used in the sewing industry. Special functional threads (such as flame-retardant, waterproof, etc.) are also often processed and processed from polyester threads.

As mentioned before, gold and silver threads used for decoration are also made by special processing of polyester.

Nylon thread: Nylon sewing threads have three kinds of filament thread, short fiber thread, and elastic deformation thread. They are generally used for sewing synthetic fiber and woolen clothing. Compared with polyester thread, the heavy duty nylon thread has higher strength and better elasticity, and is lighter, but its resistance to strong light is not as good as polyester.

Nylon elastic sewing thread is made of nylon 6 or nylon 66 deformation elastic filament. It is mainly used for sewing highly elastic knitted fabrics, swimsuits, and underwear.

Nylon transparent sewing thread has a good color matching due to its transparency, which reduces the difficulty of sewing thread matching and has broad development prospects.