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What Are the Characteristics of Polyester Sewing Thread?

Polyester is a type of fiber made by spinning polymers into filaments. Sewing threads can be divided into three categories based on their raw materials: natural fibers, synthetic fibers, and blended fibers. Polyester fibers are high-quality synthetic fibers that are commonly used as raw materials for sewing threads.

What is polyester sewing thread?

Polyester sewing thread refers to sewing thread made from polyester as the raw material.

Sewing thread made from polyester fibers has high strength and is second only to nylon thread among all types of threads. It also does not lose its strength when wet. Its shrinkage rate is very small, with a shrinkage of less than 1% after proper setting, so the sewing thread always remains flat, crisp, and free of wrinkles. It is less wear-resistant than nylon. Its moisture regain is low and it has good resistance to high temperatures, low temperatures, light, and water.

Therefore, continuous filament polyester thread is an extremely versatile variety, which, in many cases, can replace cotton sewing thread. Polyester thread is widely used and can be used for sewing cotton fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, and blended fabrics. It can also be used for sewing knitted outerwear. Specialized polyester thread is also an excellent thread for the leather industry in the footwear and hat sectors.

Characteristics of polyester sewing thread

Polyester heavy duty sewing thread is made from polyester long fibers or short fibers twisted into durable, low-shrinkage, and chemically stable threads. However, it has a low melting point, is prone to melting at high speed, clogging the needle eye, and easy to break. Polyester thread has high strength, good wear resistance, low shrinkage, good moisture absorption and heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and is not susceptible to mildew or moth damage, and therefore has been widely used in the sewing of cotton fabrics, chemical fibers, and blended fabrics for clothing.

In addition, it has the characteristics of complete color range, good color fastness, fade resistance, color stability, and sun resistance.

Differences between polyester sewing thread and nylon sewing thread

The polyester sewing thread ignites and produces a lump of black smoke and a mild odor without elasticity, while the nylon sewing thread ignites and produces a lump of white smoke, has elasticity, and has a stronger odor. They are both highly wear-resistant, have good light resistance, are mildew-resistant, and can be dyed at low temperatures. They are widely used in a wide range of sewing industries due to their high seam strength, durability, flat seams, and ability to meet the needs of different sewing industrial products.